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Five Different Events in One Weekend!

The Taylors can do it all - Ball, Teach, Entertain and Party! So we have put together FIVE different opportunites to interact with, learn from, be amazed by, and spend time with the Olympians.

Private Matches

  • Best 2 out of three with tiebreaker set

  • Discount for CSO if you beat the Taylors

  • Permission to record match for your analysis

  • Constructive post match feedback from the pros

  • Post match photos with the Taylors

Sander serving - back view.jpeg

Celebrity SideOut

  • King of the Court format

  • Only 8 Weekend Warrior team spots

  • Format specifics here

  • Minimum 4 rounds

  • Fifteen minutes each round

  • 5 teams per round (including the Taylors)

  • Autographed prize for top team

  • Q & A after CSO

  • Meet and Greet photo session with the Taylors


Saturday PM
Dinner & After Party

Come hang out after CSO to commemorate a great event by dining, dancing, laughing and partying the night away with:

"Happy Feet" Crabb,

"Party Animal" Sander,

"The Showman" DJ Spin Easy and all the other ballers, fans and lovers of music!

Details of the after - party will be told during each CSO

Adult & Youth Clinics

  • 2 separate 3 hour beach clinics

  • Maximum 24 students per clinic

  • Learn skills and drills from 2 Olympians

  • Covering all skill levels

  • Only 12 students per court

  • 6:1 student-teacher ratio

  • Meet and Greet photo session with the Taylors

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